Still with us? Let us stop you there.

Time for some real talk.

Your time is precious. Let's recap vital aspects within 5 minutes or less


It's good you made it this far. But let us drop the act and fluff for a moment, shall we?  ​It's time for some real talk. From player to player.


This page is designed to give you a clear and simple overview. Sweet and to the point. No fluff, no overly optimistic corporate buzzwording. A simple overview of our goals, history, and status so you can decide whether we seem fitting for you or maybe not so much.

1) What do we want to portray

2) Our goals

3) Our history

4) What makes us different, what are pros and cons and who do we want to recruit?

1) What do we want (to portray)?

Vulture Corporation intends to portray a mostly international corporation in the game Dual Universe. We think a general corporate theme fits in well even with smaller sizes, whereas a player state might have trouble starting small due to many potential positions you'd have to fill. We want to offer three different branches covering Security, Science and Service (mining, building, design, anything not fitting into the other two categories), in a nutshell.

We generally consider ourselves to be somewhere between the "good guys" and "morally grey / flexible" scale of things. Sorry, no classic crime or piracy here - we rob people of their money through good deals or strategic manoeuvring, at best, not by robbing them with a gun in their faces.

2) Our goals:

  1. Establish a working foundation and corporate headquarter

  2. ​Generate wealth, build, relations and a reputation and recruit at least a few additional (leading) members to help the old core team

  3. Take part in the economic life and market, provide services to the community

  4. Assist certain (community) projects, build infrastructure, provide security services

  5. Design vehicles - ships or otherwise

  6. Eventually offer an entertainment branch or assist existing community projects

  7. Try to obtain a comparable level of (historic) success from the first campaign mentioned below

3) What's our history?

We were not created out of thin air. We had experience in a Minecraft PVP oriented server, bolstered by several plugins to simulate an economy and faction politics. It was where we originated and also our most successful campaign, as we rose to the top factions in that particular server community along with a hand full of allies. For DU, some old members might return with more progress. Most intitial members have varying degrees of an RP background, and as such, we apply certain RP elements into our story and style. More on how we view or treat RP is described below.

But perhaps onto the more important part now.

4) What makes us different, what are pros and cons and who do we want to recruit?


Let us be realistic here for a while. Is our general concept unique? No. There must be hundreds of corporations in DU by now, even though we were among the first ones to step on the stage "in style". At one point, you can't invent the wheel anew. But we generally got some good feedback over the years in a few areas. Here's what we think where we can shine and then, what we cannot (or do not want to) offer yet:


So what are potential benefits and things to mind?


We can reach a larger audience due to multimedia (promotional videos, tactical briefings in video form, etc) and therefore also create immersion not just for us, but all

We prefer a flat hierarchy with cooperative leaderhip - no mini-dictatorships where leadership has to compensate for being bullied in school

We generally try to mind member feedback and try to be lenient with exotic ideas - but not everything can be tried

We want to promote creativity and responsibility and accomplish great things - with your help

We consider ourselves relatively modest and humble - no illusions of grandeur and unrealistic expectations, but that does not mean we do not have ambitions

We are an international group and you may potentially interact with people from different walks of life, from across the globe

Things to mind?

› We are but a very small organization right now and most of the (few) veterans will only rejoin us later once DU is nearing late Beta

› We therefore need growth, but not everyone is interested in joining a rather small organization

› Given our size, we generally cannot offer the same manpower as (notably) larger groups and DU is our only game we wait for as organization so far

› We expect commitment from those interested in joining us, rather than passive folks watching from the side-lines, once it becomes relevant for the game

› You should not have a general problem with working in an international environment

Who do we look for, then?

With that in mind, we would like to have somewhat patient, active, "sane" members that do not mind the occasional "slow phase". Ideally, we reach and employ those willing to actively contribute and take the helm - because we can't get anywhere if we collectively sit around and wait for better days. That's not what made us successful in the first campaign, but having active, contributing and ideally creative members who stand behind our ideas and goals.

If you, at this stage, want activity 24/7, safety in numbers and a huge member pool, we are sadly not the right group. If you just want to ride the wave, grab some money and not contribute, we are sadly not the right group. We look for slow but safe growth and members that can pull their weight with the rest.

In addition to a level of patience, we also refer to the expectations and requirements listed on the "3) Career" tab.


But if you don't mind a challenge, you will be rewarded.



Did you make it this far and are interested?

If you are certain this is the right group for you and would like to take a dip into the cold water, all you have to do is send a private message (see "5) Contact" tab) and express your interest. The rest, we will work from there.

And regardless if you want to join or not: We always appreciate feedback and need it to progress.


You dislike something? Tell us. You like something? Tell others.