Below you will find an overview of our services. To request or inquire about any, simply get in touch with us.

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Security in times of distress is what we offer. Our security forces will protect corporate assets and personnel while assisting law enforcement such as the Advocacy and the public with area patrols.


Regular trainings ensure the qualification and dedication of our security personnel. For you.





Knowledge is power, but also progress. The reason you are viewing this on a sophisticated machine and not banging stones together in a cave is collaborative progress over a long time and the refusal to stagnate.


Whether it is research or exploration or even polls, we analyse and provide results.




The backbone that covers what the other branches do not cover. This can include harvesting and processing, production, logistics and various other services related to the industry and economy.


Our specialists receive the appropriate care to pursue their tasks with efficiency.




  • Asset Protection

  • Close Protection Teams

  • Security Consulting

  • Law Enforcement



  • Exploration

  • Research

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Studies and Polls


  • Resource Harvesting

  • Ore / fuel Processing

  • Logistics

  • Production